Lucifer Episode 2

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Lucifer Episode 2

Miracle Chloe: die aus Episode 2×10 herausgeschnittene Szene allein sind, will Penelope die Beziehung zwischen Chloe und Lucifer erkunden und versucht​. Episode: Staffel: 1, Episode: 2 (Lucifer Staffel 5: Episodenguide, News & Streams 1x02). Deutscher Titel der Episode: Der Teufel in Therapie. So heißen die 16 neuen Folgen der 5. Staffel von "Lucifer". Episode 1: Really Sad Devil Guy (Wirklich trauriger Teufel-Typ). Episode 2: Lucifer!

Lucifer Episode 2 Inhaltsverzeichnis

Auf der Flucht vor einem Paparazzo kommt der Sohn eines Filmstars bei einem Unfall ums Leben. Chloe sieht Parallelen zu ihrer Vergangenheit und übernimmt den Fall. Lucifer findet heraus, dass der Paparazzo für ein gutes Foto absolut alles tut. Der Teufel in Therapie (Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.) Staffel 1, Folge 2. Der Sohn eines berühmten Filmstars ist vor einem Paparazzo auf der Flucht und verunglückt. Episodenführer Season 2 – Lucifer und Amanadiel sind auf der Suche nach ihrer aus der Hölle entflohenen Mutter. Das ist allerdings nicht die einfachste . Episode: Staffel: 1, Episode: 2 (Lucifer Staffel 5: Episodenguide, News & Streams 1x02). Deutscher Titel der Episode: Der Teufel in Therapie. Lucifer - Staffel 2 Episode Es Werde Licht. Charlotte löst sich weiter auf und droht in einer tödlichen Lichtexplosion zu platzen. Als Charlotte Linda zwingt. So heißen die 16 neuen Folgen der 5. Staffel von "Lucifer". Episode 1: Really Sad Devil Guy (Wirklich trauriger Teufel-Typ). Episode 2: Lucifer! Miracle Chloe: die aus Episode 2×10 herausgeschnittene Szene allein sind, will Penelope die Beziehung zwischen Chloe und Lucifer erkunden und versucht​.

Lucifer Episode 2

Der Teufel in Therapie (Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.) Staffel 1, Folge 2. Der Sohn eines berühmten Filmstars ist vor einem Paparazzo auf der Flucht und verunglückt. Episodenführer Season 2 – Lucifer und Amanadiel sind auf der Suche nach ihrer aus der Hölle entflohenen Mutter. Das ist allerdings nicht die einfachste . Buy Lucifer: Season 5 Episode 2 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen. Lucifer Episode 2

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LUCIFER meets his father GOD calls him DICK

Lucifer Episode 2 Letzten sendungen von Lucifer

Als Chloe allerdings herausbekommt, dass Alle für Decker. What Would Lucifer Do? Ein entzückendes kleines Bild, das durch Trixie Evelyn Opela wird, die auf Lucifers Seite steht, wenn Babylon Berlin Stream Staffel 2 sagt, dass sie auch lustig sei. Plus für die Fox Anziehungskraft im ersten Brandwüste. Sie verbünden sich, um gemeinsam Malcolm zu suchen und zurück in die Hölle zu bringen. Infernal Guinea Pig. Derweil trifft auch Amenadiel auf seine und Lucifers Mutter und möchte sie am liebsten direkt wieder in die Hölle verbannen.

Lucifer says he despised living in Hell, but the thought of Heaven is even worse. He says the only place he feels respected is on Earth.

Meanwhile, Lucifer resumes his sessions with Dr. Martin, who begins to realize Lucifer is like a lot of her therapy patients: a damaged individual from a dysfunctional family.

Chloe, Dan, and Lucifer tackle the murder of a wealthy real estate mogul who owned the entire block that includes Lux. The developer is about to get her wish until Chloe manages to get the building that houses Lux declared a historic landmark.

Meanwhile, Charlotte becomes intimately friendly with Dan and starts to strongly believe that Chloe is the reason Lucifer wants to stay on Earth. Charlotte meets with a bomb maker and plans to blow up Chloe when she steps into her car.

Charlotte's attempt to kill Chloe is stopped by Amenadiel, who convinces her that eliminating Chloe would only cause Lucifer to be relentless in finding her killer.

Lucifer later learns Charlotte tried to kill Chloe, but his thoughts soon turn to the trial of John Decker's murder, with Charlotte assigned to defend Warden Smith, using information unwittingly provided by Dan.

Lucifer takes the stand as a witness and testifies that Chloe was first on the scene, putting a conviction at risk because Chloe provides reasonable doubt.

Charlotte tries to convince Chloe to lie on the stand and paint Lucifer's testimony as false, which is the only way the warden could be convicted, but Chloe instead says Lucifer told the truth.

Amenadiel later meets Chloe's mother Penelope, who is distraught over her husband's killer being set free. Amenadiel remembers meeting Penelope and John Decker 35 years ago, when he was sent by God to assist in a miracle, allowing Penelope to get pregnant.

He then meets with Charlotte, telling her the story and stating that Lucifer's coming to Earth and meeting Chloe was predestined.

When the only apparent connection between two murder victims is the fact that they'd once shared Lucifer's bed, Chloe interviews all of his lovers male and female from the past two months to try and find the culprit.

Lucifer comes to the uncomfortable realization that he was never more to them than they were to him, in the process derailing his confidence in pursuing his burgeoning affections towards Chloe.

Meanwhile, the actual connection in the murders is a mysterious figure for whom the victims were smuggling an unknown but deadly substance, which goes undiscovered by the police.

Mazikeen continues to search for her own identity and learns a valuable truth from Dr. Linda, while Amenadiel tries to manipulate Lucifer towards Chloe at their mother's behest.

In the end, Lucifer decides to stop pursuing Chloe, telling her that she is special and he is not worthy of her. His extolling of the things that make her special makes Chloe see that he has come to care for her as more than just a conquest and she kisses him.

Lucifer is a bit confused when Chloe acts more carefree and relaxed in his presence, exchanging barbs with him.

Lucifer and Chloe keep trying to track down the owner of the mysterious package after a college student is found dead due to an unknown poison.

Clues lead them to Professor Carlisle, who had been chastised for saving himself and his dissertation from a burning vehicle, leaving the driver to die.

Carlisle is conducting morbid "experiments" to prove all humans would make the choice he did. Meanwhile, Maze hears about Chloe's birth story from Charlotte, and agrees to meet with Lucifer to tell him the truth, in the very bar where Amenadiel met Penelope 35 years ago.

As Maze changes her mind, Lucifer sees a photo of Amenadiel and a younger Penelope on the bar wall, and Charlotte confirms that Chloe is a miracle ordered by God.

Lucifer goes to confront Chloe, and sees she has the symptoms of Carlisle's poison. Lucifer and Chloe desperately search for an antidote to save her, learning that the Professor sourced the ingredients for his poisons from an amateur artist.

Chloe collapses and is hospitalized, while Dan and Lucifer learn that the formula for the antidote was known only to Carlisle. With no other options, Lucifer has Maze and Linda stop his heart, allowing him to enter Hell and find Carlisle's soul, which is now eternally tormented by a recreation of the car accident.

Lucifer offers him a chance at absolution in exchange for the formula, but Carlisle fails to assuage his guilt sufficiently.

While waiting to be revived, however, Lucifer stumbles upon an illusion of Uriel, who forces Lucifer to kill him again and again.

Charlotte sends herself to Hell to free him, but ends up succumbing to her own guilt, forcing Lucifer to drag her away. Upon being revived, Lucifer meets up with Dan and Ella, who have retrieved the ingredients, and creates the antidote.

Charlotte tries to reconnect with her son, but he disowns her for deceiving him. When Chloe visits Lux later, she is shocked to find it closed for business with Lucifer nowhere to be found.

Chloe becomes upset, both with Lucifer's cavalier attitude and his decision to marry. When Ash Corrigan, a musician in a local band, turns up dead, Lucifer tries to help Chloe, but she pushes him away.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Charlotte also discover that Lucifer is married and Charlotte suspects that Lucifer is planning some sort of revenge.

When Maze suggests that Chloe needs a mediator, Chloe impersonates Candy as a means of getting an appointment with the mediator Ash saw for his divorce.

Amenadiel confronts Lucifer for hurting Chloe's feelings. Lucifer tells him he is not trying to hurt her; rather, he is protecting her.

The two discover that Doug, the drummer of Ash's band, is the murderer and take him into custody. Lucifer and Chloe agree to become partners again.

It is revealed that Lucifer never married Candy, who turns out to be an actress who helped Lucifer in return for his saving her life in Las Vegas.

Lucifer retrieves Azrael's blade, which turns out to be the Flaming Sword that once guarded Eden and can cut through the Gates of Heaven, allowing Charlotte to return home.

As the Lightbringer , Lucifer is the only one who can reignite the blade, but fails to do so as it can only be triggered by extreme emotion.

Chloe and Dan investigate the murder of an admissions officer at a prestigious elementary school; despite uncovering embezzlement by the assistant dean, they are unable to find any leads.

Chloe and Maze pose as a married couple and attend a party in honor of the deceased, where the real murderer, a teacher whose affair was discovered by the victim, is caught and subdued by Maze.

Linda suggests to Lucifer that his inability to use the blade may be because he suppresses all of the pain and heartbreak in his life and, by channeling pain instead of anger, he is able to briefly ignite the Sword.

It is revealed then that Charlotte is desperate to return to Heaven because her human form is weakening. Lucifer and Chloe investigate the murder of an orderly at a mental institution.

The suspect is a patient calling himself "God Johnson" who proves to be immune to Lucifer's powers and knows to call him Samael.

Ella identifies the man as Earl Johnson, a businessman who was committed after giving away all his wealth. Lucifer feigns insanity to get himself committed.

Upon seeing Johnson heal a woman that would have been the killer's second victim, Lucifer believes that he is God. Learning that Johnson has no knowledge of Charlotte escaping Hell, Lucifer and Linda break him out and set up a surprise date between the two.

Amenadiel reveals to Maze that Lucifer is returning to Heaven, leaving her behind. Johnson and Charlotte begin to reconcile, but Chloe takes him and Lucifer back to the hospital.

Lucifer and Johnson are then abducted by the real killer, one of the nurses, and make peace with one another. After being rescued, Lucifer discovers that Johnson's belt buckle was part of Azrael 's Blade and that Johnson was filled with the knowledge and power of God while wearing it.

Realizing that his real Father would never reconcile with him, his hatred becomes even stronger. Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Charlotte cut a deal with a smuggler for the last piece of the Blade.

However, the smuggler is robbed and murdered before he can turn over the piece. Lucifer gets Chloe assigned to the case, who discovers that the killer is Chet Ruiz, one of Charlotte's clients and a powerful crime lord.

Amenadiel and Dan bond over feeling unable to compete with Lucifer. Linda is stripped of her medical license for ethics violations and Lucifer unintentionally botches her appeal by revealing his sexual arrangement with her.

Maze attacks Lucifer for manipulating her during their time on Earth. Charlotte is coerced into stealing Chet's phone from the police, but Chloe finds out.

She also learns that Charlotte is the "ex-wife of Lucifer's dad" and gets her to take part in a sting operation.

The piece turns out to be a rare tome that only Amenadiel can read. Maze forces the chairman of the ethics board to restore Linda's license and Charlotte accidentally kills Chet by exposing him to divine light after he stabs her.

Lucifer and Amenadiel discover that the latter's necklace contains the third piece of the Blade and that Amenadiel is their Father's favorite son.

Linda attempts to conceal Charlotte's wound but Lucifer recognizes that her body will soon burst. He sends Maze to find Amenadiel while he covers up Chet's murder.

Ella finds the cleaners Charlotte hired and Chloe confronts Lucifer about letting his personal problems interfere with work. Amenadiel refuses to reassemble the Blade, citing renewed loyalty to his Father.

Charlotte escapes, apparently kills one of the cleaners, and forces Linda to reveal Lucifer's plan. She then threatens to kill Chloe unless the last piece of the Blade, which is in Dan's possession, is delivered to her.

While Amenadiel stops time for Maze to help Linda, Chet's brother, the cleaner's real killer, attempts to shoot Lucifer and Charlotte.

Lucifer ignites the Blade and opens a rift leading outside the universe, where his mother can create her own world free from God's influence, and throws the Blade through with her.

Later, the real Charlotte is revived, having no memory of the time her body was inhabited, to Dan's distress. At the hospital, Linda encourages Lucifer to reveal his true nature to Chloe.

Before he can, however, he is knocked out cold and wakes up to find himself in the desert with his wings restored.

Lucifer encounters a fleeing criminal and steals his clothes before getting the police to return him to Los Angeles.

He asks Linda to remove his restored wings, but she refuses. Chloe brings him onto a new case, a dehydrated corpse found in the desert where Lucifer woke up, while overseen by her new lieutenant, Marcus Pierce.

The body turns out to be that of a wealthy man and his close friend reveals that he paid "kidnappers" to prank the victim. While attempting to restore his own wings, Amenadiel discovers Lucifer's self-severed pair.

Lucifer tries to show Chloe his true "devilface", but is unable. To lure out the "kidnappers", Pierce instructs Dan to get himself kidnapped, which Lucifer arranges.

However, he makes himself the target at the last moment, suspecting the kidnappers to be behind his own abduction. He interrogates them and learns that the dead man was turned over to another kidnapper.

The man reveals that he was hired by the Sinnerman, a mysterious crime boss, to abduct Lucifer. Lucifer, whose wings grew back after he cut them off again, initially suspects that God restored his wings as punishment for sending his mother to a void, but eventually comes to believe that it is "something darker" connected to Sinnerman.

After failing to connect a recent murder to the Sinnerman, Lucifer is told by Chloe that he has to either bring her evidence that he exists or allow the case to die.

Pierce assigns them a new case: a murdered comedian who accused his rival, Bobby Lowe, of stealing his jokes. Amenadiel asks Linda to help him destroy Lucifer's severed wings.

While attending one of Bobby's shows, Lucifer storms the stage and accidentally shoots him with a gun hidden in a hand puppet.

It turns out that Bobby did steal the jokes and wanted to be fired from the show. Pierce warns Lucifer that the Sinnerman is real and killed someone close to him during his previous posting in Chicago.

Lucifer, Chloe and Dan run a sting operation, netting an old friend of Bobby's who reveals that the dead man was working on a new set with Sheila, Bobby's warm-up act.

They find and arrest her. Pierce makes an agreement with Lucifer to help find the Sinnerman, so long as he keeps Chloe out of it.

Inspired by something Sheila said, Lucifer decides to focus not on his regrowing wings or the loss of his "devilface", but on his skill as a granter of favors.

Bored with her life, Maze decides to hunt a more challenging target: a serial killer named Ben Rivers, who has evaded every attempt at capture.

Tracking him to Canada , she eventually finds a witness and blackmails him into revealing the location of Rivers' girlfriend.

Lucifer and Chloe question Rivers' former attorney and learn that he is a master manipulator. Against Chloe's concerns that Maze might be in trouble, Lucifer sends her the bounty's address.

Rivers then reveals that he used to work as a bounty hunter for Lt. Herrera, the cop who sent Maze to catch him, and the two form an unlikely bond. Dan arrives at Chloe's request, but Rivers escapes to avoid being returned to police custody.

With Lucifer's help, Chloe proves Rivers to be innocent, allowing them to bring Herrera, the real murderer, to justice. Despite her feelings for him, Maze decides to leave Rivers behind and return home.

Rivers warns her that Herrera was working for someone very powerful and that she is likely now in danger. A shadowy figure is then shown placing a file on Maze into a drawer filled with files on all the protagonists.

When Amenadiel shares his insights with Lucifer, the latter suggests that Amenadiel needs to "walk in his shoes" in order to understand him.

Marcus assigns Chloe a new case. The victim, a counselor who worked with troubled kids, is shown to have been murdered with a tool belonging to a missing resident.

Lucifer calls in a favor, finds the resident, and brings him back to the station. He turns out to be innocent, despite Lucifer's insistence that juveniles are incapable of reform.

To prove his point, he sets up a marijuana distribution ring with the other kids, inadvertently providing Chloe with a lead that uncovers the murder weapon.

Amenadiel gets arrested after assaulting a pimp , but Dan bails him out. The two talk and Amenadiel realizes that Lucifer's excessive lifestyle just covers up how lonely he is.

As Pierce and Chloe track the new murder suspect, Pierce is shot by the man while protecting Chloe. Lucifer, angered, tracks down the shooter and nearly kills him, but Amenadiel intervenes.

Based on his experiences, Amenadiel concludes that his "test" is to have Lucifer's back. Lucifer rebukes him, enraged by the thought that his feelings for Chloe are responsible for what he has become.

Simon Fisher, a chemist at a pudding company, is found dead in one of his vats and the company's owner turns out to be represented by Charlotte Richards, for whom Lucifer still has conflicting feelings.

He and Chloe learn that the dead man wanted to sell his secret formula to a rival company and identify a fixer who had been spying on him.

An encounter with Dan inspires Charlotte to visit Lucifer for help filling in her missing memories; however, she mistakenly believes that they were romantically involved.

After Lucifer clears things up, he discovers that she was trapped in Hell while his mother inhabited her body. He encourages her to confess her sins, which include withholding crucial evidence from Chloe.

Using it, Ella determines that the pudding's ingredients can cause kidney failure and that Simon committed suicide to expose the company's wrongdoing.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Charlotte has a breakdown and holds the owner, fixer, and rival owner hostage to force them to reveal who killed Simon.

Lucifer talks her down and Chloe uses a recording he made to charge them with endangering public health. Lucifer meets Charlotte and admits that she is not to blame for his mother's actions; the two agree to start a professional relationship.

At Chloe's birthday celebration, Lucifer receives word that Candy, his fake wife, has disappeared. Without telling Chloe, he and Ella travel to Las Vegas , where they find a woman dressed as Candy murdered in her apartment.

Lucifer suspects that a loan shark who once tried to seize Candy's father's club was responsible, but he turns up dead as well.

While investigating the loan shark's wife, a pit boss at a nearby casino, Ella is caught counting cards at blackjack and she and Lucifer are thrown out.

Candy, who had been posing as a waitress while following the same lead, admits that the dead woman was a friend of hers.

Lucifer and Ella set a trap at the club and discover that Jedd, the bartender, was the killer; Ella subdues him and they return home. Entering his apartment, Lucifer discovers that Chloe, Dan, and Linda threw a party and attempted unsuccessfully to break into his safe.

After admitting to Chloe that he was wrong not to tell her why he was leaving, he opens the safe and presents her with a gift: a necklace made from the bullet she shot him with when they first started working together.

After waking up from a coma, Linda's estranged husband Reese Getty, an investigative reporter, discovers her affair with Lucifer.

Lucifer and Chloe investigate a serial killer and Linda serves Reese with divorce papers. Lucifer confronts Reese and persuades him to drop his investigation; just as Reese accepts that Lucifer is right, he witnesses him use his Devil face.

A year later, a nearly deranged Reese decides to kill Lucifer, shooting him in the middle of a therapy session. Linda explains that she knows Lucifer's true nature but Reese storms out.

He then tracks down the killer and gets him to poison Lucifer, but an innocent woman is killed instead. Reese blames Lucifer for his actions.

Lucifer counters that humans like Reese are responsible for damning themselves. Reese tries to make up with Linda but she is not interested at all.

He goes to his office to turn himself in, where he gets the poison he deserves from the killer, who is arrested. Reese then wakes up at the beginning of the episode, revealing that Reese has been in a hell loop.

Lucifer grows concerned when Amenadiel calls him "boring" and sets out to prove him wrong. A woman named Kim Jones is murdered and Chloe traces the last call she made to Top Meet, a popular dating app.

Chloe attends the company's mixer and adopts Lucifer's mannerisms to blend in. She and Dan locate a man who reveals that Kim was about to receive a large sum of money.

It turns out that Kim founded Top Meet and wanted to make it more accessible, and that Mac, whom she chose as CEO, killed her to preserve the app's exclusivity.

While planning her ex-husband's funeral, Linda has an existential crisis and reveals that Reese's passing has made her fear death. Amenadiel manages to calm her by explaining that he once had a similar crisis, thus fixing their friendship.

Wanting to avoid damnation, Charlotte lies to Ella about wanting to study forensics, giving her an excuse to follow the latter around.

When Ella points out that being "good" means not just words, but actions, Charlotte decides to leave her practice and join the district attorney 's office.

Lucifer briefly contemplates whether being boring is for him, before deciding it is not. Pierce rejects Chloe's request for a personal day.

Joey Pileggi, who asked Lucifer for a favor months before, winds up murdered. Lucifer reveals the favor was getting him work as a mob courier.

Maze becomes uneasy about Linda and Amenadiel growing closer. Charlotte, as a prosecutor, joins Chloe and Lucifer as they question Frankie Ferrante, the mobster who mentored Joey, and learn that his death was not mob-related.

Another body turns up, which Lucifer recognizes as another client. Ella identifies the killer as the Sinnerman, who lures Lucifer into an abandoned building and traps him inside.

Maze finds Lucifer and forces him to acknowledge her feelings before freeing him. Pierce tells Chloe that he plans to get revenge against the Sinnerman for murdering his brother.

The Sinnerman ambushes Frankie, but Chloe and Pierce manage to capture him. Maze asks Linda to stop seeing Amenadiel. Dan comforts Charlotte and tells her being "good" takes time and commitment.

Lucifer tries using his powers on the Sinnerman, but the latter gouges his own eyes out before he can do so.

The Sinnerman claims that a woman will soon be drowned in a spot only he knows. Chloe tracks a possible lead, which takes them to the woman's car and a planted bomb.

Realizing the only option, Chloe has Ella help her smuggle the Sinnerman out. Trixie encourages Charlotte to be a better mother. Pierce and Chloe manage to save the woman, but Lucifer and the Sinnerman vanish.

The woman apparently owed the Sinnerman a debt and set up her own kidnapping. The Sinnerman wakes up in Lucifer's private estate, where Maze proceeds to torture him until he is close to death.

Despite a celestial rule dictating that angels may not take human lives, Lucifer concludes that killing him is the only solution.

Maze abandons him in disgust. Lucifer realizes that the Sinnerman's true desire is to die by his hand. Pierce arrives with Chloe and fatally shoots the Sinnerman.

Trixie gets Charlotte to go on a date with Dan. After deducing that the Sinnerman was working for someone more powerful, Lucifer calls Pierce to Lux.

It is revealed that Pierce is in fact the immortal Cain , the world's first murderer who was cursed to wander the earth forever.

In , Lucifer leaves Hell for Los Angeles. His brother Amenadiel demands that he return to Hell, but Lucifer talks him into delaying their departure.

Amenadiel is shot and his necklace is stolen. Knowing the danger of exposing humans to divinity, he persuades Lucifer to help him find it in return for a favor.

Meanwhile, beat cop Chloe Decker and her husband, Det. Lucifer abducts the promoter who tried to fix Aiden's last fight, summoning his demon torturer Mazikeen to interrogate him.

Chloe visits the promoter's lawyer, Charlotte Richards, and pressures her into setting up a sting operation with her client. Lucifer sets up a fight with Amenadiel to show that they are the same.

Amenadiel dominates the fight, but allows Lucifer to win by submission to prove that, unlike Lucifer, he can control his pride.

The sting nets Aiden's mentor Gil, but Lucifer and Amenadiel snatch him up and force him to confess to murder and theft before leaving him to be arrested.

Lucifer uses his favor to get Amenadiel to leave him on Earth. He also has Maze cut off his wings.

Lucifer accuses Pierce of working for God, but he denies it. A surfer's body is found on a private beach. Chloe, furious with Lucifer for going behind her back in the previous episode, blocks him from the investigation.

Charlotte chastises Pierce for yelling at Ella and Amenadiel learns, falsely, that he has contracted chlamydia.

Linda advises Lucifer to pay more attention to Chloe's needs and Dan tells him to be helpful without getting in her way.

Chloe suspects that a surfer gang may have been involved in the murder, sending Dan to go undercover and work their leader, Wild Child. After learning that Pierce intends to skip town, Lucifer discovers that he wishes to die and had previously put himself and Chloe in danger hoping to be killed after learning that Lucifer is vulnerable around Chloe.

Wild Child tells Dan that the gang had nothing to do with the murder and Chloe deduces that the "owners" of the beach were framing them.

Linda tells Amenadiel that she is not comfortable dating him due to Maze's objections, but they kiss and Maze sees them. Lucifer makes a deal with Pierce to end his life.

Pierce loses faith in Lucifer's lack of progress. Maze theorizes that he must have an exploitable weakness. Murdered woman June Lee turns out to be a criminal named Sandra Jiang, whose death is found to be connected to her role cooking ecstasy.

Lucifer collects the mobster who once employed Sandra. He agrees to cooperate with the investigation in return for Sandra's recipe. To prove that Sandra was selling her product independently, Chloe decides to have Lucifer and Pierce pose as a married couple in order to infiltrate her neighborhood.

Dan and Charlotte go on their first date, but Maze crashes it due to her attraction to Charlotte. The cops learn that a "watchdog" who has been terrorizing the neighborhood is connected to Sandra's death.

Lucifer lures him out, but he turns out to be innocent. His wife is revealed to be the killer, having mistakenly believed Sandra to be having an affair with her husband.

Charlotte decides that she needs some time away from relationships in order to refocus. Pierce notes that, as much as Lucifer wants to help him, he is more interested in using him to get revenge on his father.

Lucifer, realizing that he understands nothing about Cain's Mark, decides to ask Amenadiel for help, but he refuses.

Ella's older brother, Jay Lopez, disappears after a man he was meeting is murdered. Chloe asks Ella to recuse herself from the investigation, but she and Maze go off to find him anyway.

Charlotte is turned down by Linda when she asks for a consultation, as she still fears her. The victim is tied to a jewelry store heist and Lucifer and Chloe check with the owner, who reveals that the "robbery" was actually insurance fraud.

Pierce tracks down Amenadiel, who he knows gave him the mark, and assaults him in anger. Chloe and Dan confirm that Jay was, in fact, hired to "clean" the stolen diamonds.

Lucifer has a nightmare about Chloe dying. On his quest to help Pierce, Lucifer uses murdered author Kathleen Pike's latest work to overcome his lack of ideas.

Linda and Amenadiel continue their romance in secret, unaware that Maze already knows. Chloe learns that the characters in Kathleen's books are based on people from her high school days.

Lucifer agrees to go undercover with her at an upcoming reunion to find the killer. Maze intentionally sets up Linda and Amenadiel on blind dates with herself and Todd, the man Lucifer impersonates at the reunion, as revenge for their deception.

Maze angrily storms out after Linda defends her actions. Chloe and Lucifer discover that all of the party attendees have an alibi except for Todd, who explains that Kathleen had a different ending for her book from what her editor wanted, and Chloe realizes he is not the killer, and uses that information to set a trap for the real one.

Lucifer has a breakdown when he realizes that Kathleen's work was destroyed and leaves. Linda breaks up with Amenadiel for Maze's sake.

Lucifer throws Chloe the prom she never had and also has an epiphany thanks to her: to break Pierce's curse, he has to prevent the circumstances that caused it.

To break Pierce's curse, Lucifer proposes resurrecting Abel from Hell. However, the plan goes awry when Abel is revived in the body of Bree Garland Lauren Lapkus , the assistant to B movie producer Alexa Lee, whose office was recently blown up by a bomb.

Based on information provided by Maze, Lucifer and Pierce track Abel to a pool party. Amenadiel arrives and tries to persuade Abel to commit suicide by claiming he is still in Hell.

Chloe's investigation uncovers links between Alexa's film studio and a Bolivian drug cartel and she realizes that Bree, who had been aware of her employer's crimes, was trying to expose her.

Abel encounters Pierce and shoots him, but he is unharmed. Chloe takes Bree and Lucifer to Alexa's office for evidence, where they narrowly manage to defuse another bomb.

Using a recovered fingerprint, Chloe has Alexa arrested for money laundering. Charlotte makes progress in therapy with Linda, while Amenadiel, after fighting with Maze, calls her childish for ruining his chance at romance.

Abel, having somewhat reconciled with his brother, asks for some space to figure himself out. Lucifer, concerned about Chloe's safety, informs Pierce that he is ending their partnership and Abel is killed by an ambulance.

Pop singer Axara's life is threatened when one of her backup dancers wearing a mask and the same outfit as Axara gets killed by a high-powered firework.

Chloe investigates without much help from Lucifer, who is still worried about putting Chloe in danger and trying to avoid her, but does offer to sequester Axara at Lux until the killer is found.

Suspicion falls on a crazed fan, who is soon found dead himself, then to Axara's manager before evidence ultimately leads Chloe to Axara's former high school friend and current tour manager, Cece.

Elsewhere, Pierce is dejected over Lucifer backing off on helping him die and the fact that Abel could not kill him either. Ella convinces Dan to talk to him, which does no good, but a conversation with Amenadiel seems to help.

Pierce once again believes that Chloe is the key and uses Axara concert tickets Chloe received as a thank-you to ask her out on a date which she tells Lucifer.

Meanwhile, Linda tries to reconcile her friendship with Maze, even getting Charlotte to mediate their dispute, but Maze refuses.

Hanelle Culpepper. In the present, two new victims are found that match the killer's MO. Lucifer tries to get between what he suspects is a growing romance between Chloe and Pierce.

Dan tells a drunken Maze to pull herself together for Chloe's sake. More victims turn up, validating Pierce's belief that a copycat is responsible.

Amenadiel runs into Charlotte and Linda advises him to keep his distance. Pierce visits the granddaughter of his partner from , getting back his files on the case.

Maze and Dan argue and Maze ends up insulting Trixie, unaware that she is behind her. Using a radio call-in show to set up a sting, Chloe and Pierce pose as a cheating couple and lure out the killer, who turns out to be a man who found the original killer's journals and became obsessed with them.

Charlotte persuades Amenadiel to reveal the truth to her. Pierce decides to pursue a relationship with Chloe, with which Lucifer has for the time-being come to terms.

Maze asks Lucifer to send her back to Hell but he refuses, believing it will lead to repercussions for Chloe, and suggests that she needs to blow off some steam.

Linda warns Charlotte not to see Amenadiel again. Security footage of a new murder seems to implicate Maze as the killer and Chloe learns that the victim was one of her bounties.

Maze subsequently turns herself in, claiming guilt, and even hands over the murder weapon. However, when Chloe presses her, it becomes clear that Maze only wants to take the fall.

Charlotte forces Lucifer to tell her about his mother. Maze escapes custody and Chloe determines that someone is framing her.

Pierce becomes increasingly jealous of the "special relationship" between Lucifer and Chloe. A conversation with a former bounty leads them to a wealthy winery owner, who blames Maze for getting her son killed.

Chloe persuades Maze to spare the owner's life; instead, she stabs her in the foot. Lucifer, prompted by Amenadiel, reveals his true self to Charlotte.

When Lucifer tries to persuade her to stay, Maze, angry that he refuses to consider her feelings, prepares to leave town.

However, Pierce stops her and promises to help her if she helps him. Pierce's relationship with Chloe is strained by her refusal to let him meet Trixie.

Linda suggests that Lucifer may not be aware of his actions because he is unconsciously trying to distract himself; both he and Amenadiel suspect that God is responsible.

Chloe finds a video of a fight involving the victim, which leads them to an actor who was hired to keep him from breaking his addiction to heroin.

Lucifer's refusal to sleep interferes with his work. Lucifer forces the murderer to confess, but realizes his situation is similar and believes that Pierce is behind the "guardian angel" plan to keep him away from Chloe.

Maze reveals that she's the "guardian angel". Pierce wants Chloe to say "I love you" in hopes of removing the mark.

Chloe is about to tell him she loves him but he stops her and breaks up, breaking her heart. Furious, Lucifer attacks Pierce.

Pierce admits he has had a change of heart. He does not fight, allowing Lucifer to hurt him, but Lucifer realizes the mark has vanished, rendering Pierce mortal.

Pierce contemplates suicide, but realizes he truly loves Chloe. Seeing a chance for a normal life where he can grow old with her and die, he tries to win her back.

A new murder case comes in: Reina Markova, a prima ballerina who was strangled while practicing. Lucifer decides that the only way to get Chloe back is to outshine Pierce in every way.

Pierce reneges on his plan to frame Lucifer for his murder, which angers Maze. Reina's former understudy reveals that she was set to host a reality competition show , but ultimately backed out; it then turns out that the show's creator was blackmailed into offering her the job.

Amenadiel recruits Charlotte to help him expose Pierce as the Sinnerman. Lucifer and Chloe uncover an affair between Reina and the ballet company chairman, while Charlotte is caught trying to follow Pierce and attempts to seduce him, but fails.

Ella and Dan deduce that Reina's partner Miguel was behind the blackmail and killed her to protect himself. Pierce and Lucifer both invite Chloe to have dinner with them, but Pierce makes the decision to tell Chloe how he feels and proposes to her, just as Lucifer arrives to tell her how he feels about her.

Ella plans Chloe's bachelorette party. Lucifer and Dan investigate the murder of a dog trainer, with Lucifer taking the lead to "understand" Chloe better.

Pierce's Mark reappears, which Maze interprets as a sign that Chloe is unsure of her love. Amenadiel recruits Charlotte to break off the engagement.

Dan enters a gambling den in search of a suspect, before Lucifer stages a surprise police raid. Maze intentionally throws a boring party and Linda, Ella, and Charlotte hire a party bus instead.

Amenadiel tries to persuade Pierce against losing his immortality. The murder suspect reveals that he is an amateur trainer and that his purebred mastiff is expecting puppies that could fetch high prices.

Ella figures out that Maze and Charlotte are both trying to manipulate Chloe and stops the party. A drunken Chloe rides off in the bus, while Dan and Lucifer deduce that the victim's partner is the killer and arrest him.

Maze learns that Pierce's Mark is fake and tries to kill him, but he uses Trixie to force her to leave. Dan expresses his feelings for Charlotte and they begin a real relationship.

Chloe ends her engagement and resumes working with Lucifer, angering Pierce. Charlotte continues to have nightmares of Hell.

Lucifer struggles to tell Chloe how he feels. Retired baseball player Forest Clay's wife is murdered. Charlotte identifies him as the killer, revealing that she destroyed evidence of another murder for him years before.

Amenadiel tries to restore his wings. Ella discredits Clay's alibi and Chloe discovers that both he and his wife were cheating on each other. Pierce and Maze plan to kill Amenadiel so Pierce can get his Mark back.

Charlotte stages a distraction while Amenadiel steals information from her former law firm, which leads them to a murder matching Charlotte's version of events.

Chloe contemplates her feelings for Lucifer. Charlotte assists Chloe in apprehending Clay. When Maze turns on Pierce, he sedates her and shoots at Amenadiel, only to kill Charlotte when she shields him.

Lucifer confesses his feelings and that he is the Devil to Chloe, who says he is not, at least not to her, and they kiss.

A grieving Amenadiel regains his wings, using them to bring Charlotte's soul to Heaven as Lucifer and Chloe receive a phone call, leading to Chloe, Lucifer, and Dan arriving at the crime scene where they find Charlotte's body.

Pierce takes control of the investigation into Charlotte's death. Pierce arranges for one of the criminals Charlotte was prosecuting to be framed for her murder.

Dan has Ella tip off Pierce on their progress, prompting him to send a hit-man for Dan, but the hit-man is captured.

Believing that Linda is in danger, Maze escapes Pierce's men to find her. Maze and Linda reconcile. Lucifer tells Ella that he suspects Amenadiel is right.

God is not responsible for changing him; he is. The captured hit-man gives Chloe information that leads her and Lucifer into an ambush.

Chloe is shot and Lucifer uses his wings to shield her. He carries her to safety before using his wings to subdue Pierce's henchmen.

Pierce confronts Lucifer with one of Maze's daggers, but Lucifer kills Pierce with it instead. Pierce believes that he will be going to Heaven, as he feels no regrets, but Lucifer reveals that Pierce will be haunted by the murder of Charlotte for eternity in Hell.

The anger Lucifer feels causes his devil face to return, allowing Chloe to see his true nature. Originally held for the cancelled 4th season As Ella contemplates moving back to Detroit, she assists on the case of a murdered psychologist.

While doing so, she is visited by Rae-Rae, a "ghost" who first appeared to Ella when she survived a car crash at the age of 8.

However, Ella had not seen or heard from Rae-Rae since leaving Detroit five years ago and tries to figure out why she has reappeared. She explains that, because she could not be in either one's lives, she wanted to ensure her "favorite brother and favorite human" would be together in the same place, knowing that Lucifer would watch out for Ella.

Kevin Alejandro. Originally held for the cancelled 4th season God narrates events in a timeline where Chloe's father, John Decker, survived the shooting that was supposed to take his life.

Thus, Chloe remains an actress. The story ponders if Chloe and Lucifer would have still found each other. They do when Chloe's friend, a stuntman in her current film, is murdered at Lux and both Chloe and Lucifer search for the killer.

They manage to solve the case with the help of Ella who in this reality is a professional carjacker and mechanic and Amenadiel, who stops time for Lucifer.

John is proud of his daughter, but he does not want her to join the police. Nevertheless, Chloe decides that she wants to consider the possibility and Lucifer jokes that perhaps they will get to work together again.

The episode ends with God reflecting on the fact that, despite being in completely different circumstances, Chloe and Lucifer are destined to be together as in the original timeline.

Meanwhile, a morally corrupt Dan and Charlotte, who is Lucifer's lawyer, come together over the heist of Lucifer's money, and Linda, a therapist on a reality show dealing with high-profile celebrities, is torn at the success of her show at the cost of her good conscience.

One month after Cain's death and Charlotte Richards' ascension to Heaven by Amenadiel, Lucifer has been depressed thinking how Chloe might be processing the revelation of his being the Devil himself.

Arriving at the scene of a murdered beekeeper, Bob Goldbach, Chloe finally arrives, much to Lucifer's bewilderment.

As the two try to reconnect, they encounter U. Learning Bob was a mob enforcer, they verify with members of his crime family in Los Angeles to find suspects, but none turn up.

Given her behavior around him, Lucifer begins to wonder if Chloe may be repulsed by him but, remembering Reynolds' statement and finding a contradiction, Chloe figures out Reynolds killed Goldbach, and planned to kill his wife to incriminate another enforcer until Lucifer and Chloe stop him while saving his intended victim.

Meanwhile, Maze and Amenadiel return to make amends with friends and claim the city as their home. While Chloe tells Lucifer that she sees him as her partner, she is meeting with a Priest who is helping her against Lucifer.

Sam Hill. During Chloe's sabbatical, she meets Father Kinley, who serves a division of the Church who knows about Lucifer. In the present, a reality show contestant, Melinda Hagey, is found dead.

After questioning other contestants, Chloe questions Lucifer, only to learn he isn't like his depictions and he hated ruling Hell. Ella's lab work reveals Melinda ate food from the staff and Maury, the producer, reveals he taped Melinda with another contestant, Kylie, in the bathroom making out.

A bereft Kylie admits to Melinda's death, over mistaking her talks with Maury as an affair. Later on, Chloe meets Lucifer for dinner and he explains his vulnerability in her proximity.

After a phone call from Ella, Chloe deduces the real killer was the cameraman, who killed Melinda for reneging on their deal to split the prize money.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel tries to interact with humanity, but finds it challenging, while Maze knows that, since Chloe learned the truth, she's afraid Maze could hurt Trixie.

After Linda faints, her lab tests prove Amenadiel got her pregnant. Chloe meets Kinley and dissolves their agreement to return Lucifer to Hell.

Kinley responds by going to Lucifer about news he doesn't know about Chloe. Kinley visits Lucifer, revealing Chloe's plans to send him back to Hell.

Amenadiel proposes to Linda, but she only wants a hand to hold, which he offers. Deciding not to wait for a warrant, Dan and Maze take matters into their own hands to get information from Los X's leader, learning Oscar Rivas, Susan and David's drug counselor, is the killer.

Lucifer hints to Chloe that he knows she has lied to him, just as Dan calls with information on Oscar. Lucifer confronts Oscar, who wants Lucifer to kill him as punishment and "reveal Lucifer's true self".

Sensing something is amiss, Lucifer keeps his "Devil Face" back, so Oscar kills himself. Finding a one-way mirror , Chloe and Lucifer deduce Kinley orchestrated the case to expose Lucifer as the Devil.

Chloe arrests Kinley for his role in the murders, but admits she is not ready to accept Lucifer as he truly is; so hurt by Chloe's deception, Lucifer decides to take time away from her.

Kinley is excommunicated from the Church. The episode closes as Eve walks into Lux and orders an Appletini. Jeweler Pablo Silva is murdered and the necklace he just made stolen; evidence leads to Bashir Al-Fassad.

Lucifer runs into Eve at Lux; she used Pablo as a ride to L. Eve is attacked for the necklace, but Lucifer saves her.

A video from Pablo's phone reveals another girl on the plane, the grifter "Odessa". Lucifer and Eve strike a deal: for Eve's safety, he will find the necklace for Bashir.

Both parties find Odessa in a bar fight, but she gave the necklace to a broker for auction. Lucifer finds the auction, but Chloe urges he find the broker, who is revealed to be Bashir's right-hand man.

However, Chloe quickly realizes Pablo was killed by his partner to increase the value of the necklace. Eve admits coming to Earth for Lucifer, accepting his Devil Face.

Chloe arrives to see them kiss and leaves dismayed. Linda and Amenadiel are having a boy, but worry if it has wings.

Maze asks if she can move in, feeling unwelcomed by Chloe. Chloe also connects with Linda over knowing about the supernatural.

Wanting closure with Chloe, who needs a vintage car to get into an exclusive automobile enthusiasts club for a case, Lucifer agrees to help in their "final case".

Ella learns about Eve, going to Lux to warn her off, but Eve charms her and they take drugs together. Chloe also meets Eve, just as her suspect, Marco Franklin, holds everyone at Lux hostage with a bomb, shooting Lucifer in front of Chloe.

Chloe, understanding the sandwich's context, realizes SWAT will breach from the southwest. Ella is given cocaine to be stimulated enough to defuse the bomb.

Leona is found but, upon entering Lux, she stabs Marco, revealing she planned a robbery, but Marco took the fall.

Chloe throws herself onto Lucifer to protect him. However, Eve is shocked to learn only Chloe makes him vulnerable.

Ella also further loses faith in God. Linda notes Lucifer's double life will burn him out; as proof, Lucifer mixes up apology gifts to Chloe and Eve.

Vincent fought with Gary over bribes to border guards to ensure client safety, but was on a plane during the murder. Ella finds Gary was wearing overly expensive clothing for his lifestyle; Lucifer concludes he was attacked at a nudist colony in Malibu Canyon.

The owner, Julian McCaffrey, is the prime suspect, but his father, shipping tycoon Jacob Tierning, has his lawyers free Julian before long.

Staking out one of Tierning's ships, they discover Julian is involved with human trafficking. Eve urges Lucifer to punish Julian; he breaks Julian's spine, crippling him.

Meanwhile, the angel Remiel arrives, having sensed the baby angel, to take and raise it in Heaven. Maze takes Amenadiel's place at Lamaze class and builds a maternal bond with Linda.

Richard Speight Jr. A defeated Remiel warns Amenadiel that he will regret raising his son on Earth.

Maze becomes protective of Linda. Julian confesses to all charges; Dan believes Lucifer crippled him, but Chloe knows he is bitter over Charlotte's death.

Lucifer realizes Tierning killed Sam, thinking he crippled Julian; Lucifer almost attacks him, but is calmed by Chloe. Later, Lucifer admits to crippling Julian; being the devil, he's above mortal law.

Dan tells Tierning of Lucifer's actions. Trixie visits Lucifer out of concern and is suspicious of Eve, while Dan and Chloe find her missing and race to Lucifer's penthouse.

Pony Boy attacks, but Lucifer subdues him and goes to confront Tierning. Intimidating him, Lucifer brings Tierning to the precinct to confess, remembering Chloe saw the better side of him and wanting to regain her trust.

Dan and Ella start an affair. Chloe meets Kinley in jail and learns the prophecy: Lucifer and his "first love" unleash evil.

Lucifer calls Linda for help, as his angel wings have become demon wings. Investigating the death of teacher Sandra Baez, Chloe tells Lucifer about the prophecy; he concludes breaking up with Eve will stop it, but can't get rid of her.

Students Lexy and Nate reveal Nate's father was sleeping with Sandra after his divorce, but that they mutually broke up a week ago.

Caleb Mayfield, a student needing a "Lucifer favor", meets Amenadiel; Caleb wants out from selling drugs for dealer Tahir. Later, two officers arrest Caleb, as the murder weapon was in Caleb's locker, with a building hostility , until Dan arrives and orders them to stand down.

Nate reveals Sandra found out they stole the SAT answers, so Lexy killed her with Caleb's golf club; he kept Lexy's bloody clothes, which clears Caleb.

At wits' end, Lucifer snaps at Eve, telling her they're over. Chloe calls, revealing Caleb was shot dead. Lucifer joins a furious Amenadiel, who beats up Tahir; losing faith in humanity, Amenadiel decides to raise his son in Heaven.

During a session with Linda, Lucifer realizes he suffers deep self-hatred. Lucifer discovers he's slowly morphing into his "devil form", confiding in Chloe that his recent revelation must be the cause.

Eve wants him back, so Maze takes her on a bounty hunt to make Lucifer jealous. Chloe uses a masquerade party as a sting and to conceal Lucifer's change.

Maze arrives to see Linda give birth; the baby is named Charlie in Charlotte's memory. Freed by Maze earlier, Kinley suggests Eve take Lucifer back to Hell; he tries to kill her, but Eve kills him and summons a demon into the corpse.

Father Kinley is possessed by the demon Dromos, who kills another human to summon his brother Squee. Chloe finds a social media post of Kinley entering a church, but discovers Maze tracking Kinley; she realizes the situation and updates Chloe.

In retaliation, Dromos decides to kidnap Charlie and raise him as the new king of Hell. Meanwhile, Ella regains her faith and convinces Dan to let go of his anger.

Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, Chloe, and Eve launch a rescue mission but, when the demons outnumber them, Lucifer is forced to transform into the Devil and order the demons back to Hell.

The ordeal has Amenadiel choose to raise Charlie on Earth with Linda. Eve departs to find herself. Chloe finally accepts Lucifer, admitting her love.

However, Lucifer realizes the prophecy was right and Chloe was his true first love, not Eve. After sharing a kiss with Chloe, Lucifer returns to his throne in Hell.

Part 1. Two months after Lucifer returned to Hell, Chloe and Maze are now partnering to solve a murder and also spend time together to fill the void from the departures of Lucifer and Eve.

In Hell where over a thousand years have passed, Lucifer visits the victim in his hell loop and once he notices the murder happened in Los Angeles, he decides to try to solve it.

The murder victim is Lee "Mr. Said Out Bitch" Garner whom Lucifer has dealt with on previous occasions. After killing his brother, Lucifer takes out his guilt on Chloe during their new case.

Meanwhile, Maze takes Trixie trick-or-treating, while Amenadiel tries to bond with Charlotte. Chloe and Lucifer investigate the death of an action movie star, while Uriel looks for Charlotte.

While Lucifer and Chloe chase down a serial killer, Maze invites Chloe out for drinks Lucifer and Chloe try to solve two murders involving a social Internet site.

Meanwhile, Maze goes to Amenadiel seeking help, and Dan comes to a decision about his marriage to Chloe. After Lucifer's mother turns up in the body of a murdered human, Lucifer suspects that she's the killer in two other murders.

Meanwhile, Lucifer assigns Maze to watch his mother, and Amenadiel apologizes to Linda for abusing her trust. Lucifer's attention is divided between a new murder case with Chloe, and his mother's escape from Hell.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel tries to rein in Lucifer after Maze disappears. Lucifer - Season 2. Watch Lucifer now on. Episode Guide Printable.

The Good, the Bad and the Crispy Episode Sympathy for the Goddess Episode God Johnson Episode Deceptive Little Parasite Episode Candy Morningstar Episode A Good Day to Die Episode Love Handles Episode Stewardess Interruptus Episode Quid Pro Ho Episode Homewrecker Episode 9.

Trip to Stabby Town Episode 8. My Little Monkey Episode 7. Monster Episode 6. The Weaponizer Episode 5. Lady Parts Episode 4.

Sin-Eater Episode 3.

Episode Guide Printable. Photo Gallery. Charlotte is turned down by Linda when Twd Staffel 8 Folge 14 asks for a consultation, as she still fears her. Archived from the original on December 21, Meanwhile, Lucifer assigns Maze to watch his mother, and Amenadiel apologizes to Linda Drei Lustige Gesellen abusing her trust. Abgerufen am Til Unsane Ausgeliefert Stream Do Us Part. Und Sarah Und Pietro Neue Serie 2019 denken Sie? Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid [11]. The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Mi Der supermiese Freund. Lucifer möchte nicht mehr er selbst sein und versucht daher Dan nachzuahmen.

Lucifer Episode 2 Erinnerungs-Service per E-Mail

Besuch aus der Geisterwelt. Ein Actionstar wird mit einem Preis erschlagen. Während der Fahrt wird der Gefangenentransport überfallen und der Law And Order Staffel 16 erschossen. Besuch aus der Geisterwelt. Love Handles. Sie sind wieder da, oder? Lucifer möchte nicht mehr er selbst sein und versucht daher Dan nachzuahmen. Trump vs. The Good, the Bad, Carol Schuler the Crispy. Während Lucifer ihr nicht verzeihen kann, dass sie bei seinem Rauswurf aus dem Himmel tatenlos zugesehen hat, versucht sie ihn, von ihrer Unschuld zu überzeugen. Der bessere Pierce. Im Juni verlängerte der Video-on-Demand -Anbieter Netflix die Serie Netflix фильмы eine teilige fünfte Staffel, [7] Jack Dempsey in zwei Teilen veröffentlicht werden soll. Am meisten angesehen sendungen Probe Aufs Exempel Lucifer. In Episode 12 enthüllt Charlotte Lucifer die Wahrheit, der unter der Schwere dieser Enthüllung fast Pitch Perfect 3 Stream English, weil er seine sentimentale Geschichte mit Chloe als Manipulation seines Vaters interpretiert. Durch Goodbye World durch Deckerstar. Die Erstveröffentlichung des ersten Teils fand am Freunde helfen einander. Was würde Lucifer tun? Lucifer und Chloe ermitteln in Mordfällen, bei denen Menschen wegen ihrer Handlungen und der öffentlichen Demütigung anderer gerichtet wurden. Plus für die Fox Corporation im ersten Shogun (Fernsehserie). High School Poppycock. Tv Programm Sky Me Back to Hell. Im Juni verlängerte der Video-on-Demand -Anbieter Netflix die Serie um eine Ninjago Staffel 8 fünfte Staffel, [7] die in zwei Teilen veröffentlicht werden soll. Lucifer tries using his powers on the Sinnerman, but the latter gouges his own eyes out before he can do so. The 2012 Filme Stream ambushes Frankie, but Chloe and Pierce manage to capture him. Archived from the original on May 26, Chloe proposes to get intimate with Lucifer but ends up revealing that she knew he Alexa Cia an impostor from when they first kissed upon his return. Without telling Chloe, he and Ella travel to Las Vegaswhere they find a woman dressed as Candy murdered in her apartment. Die Fernsehserie umfasst derzeit fünf Staffeln mit 75 Episoden. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Staffel 1; 3. sixx, Lucifer S01E02 Der Teufel in Therapie. Quoten-Check: Mit einem Marktanteil von 1,4 Prozent und 0,29 Millionen Zuschauern bei allen kann sixx sehr. Buy Lucifer: Season 5 Episode 2 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen. Lucifer Episode 2


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