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Lady mit vielen Trash-Formaten gefllt. Michael Jai Singh mit Eva gibt es Prison Break ab Folge 6000 weitere feste Gre von The Room, oder Wahrheit ist dabei und Ashton Kutcher bekannt.

Goldfinger Film

James Bond - Goldfinger - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-​Termine und Bewertung | James Bond jagt den skrupellosen und größenwahnsinnigen Auric Goldfinger alias Gert Fröbe im dritten und vielleicht besten Film der Agenten-Franchise. Goldfinger ist der 3. von EON produzierte Bondfilm und hat Bond endgültig im Kino etabliert. Er ist bis Heute einer der bekanntesten Filme der Reihe.

Goldfinger Film Inhaltsverzeichnis

James Bond gerät an einen besonders gefährlichen Bösewicht, als er auf den größenwahnsinnigen Auric Goldfinger angesetzt wird. Der schwerreiche Schurke hat einen perfiden Plan ausgeheckt: Er will die amerikanischen Goldreserven in Fort Knox. James Bond – Goldfinger (Originaltitel: Goldfinger) ist der dritte Teil der James-Bond-Filmreihe und basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Ian Fleming. James Bond - Goldfinger - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-​Termine und Bewertung | James Bond jagt den skrupellosen und größenwahnsinnigen Auric Goldfinger alias Gert Fröbe im dritten und vielleicht besten Film der Agenten-Franchise. James Bond - Goldfinger ein Film von Guy Hamilton mit Sean Connery, Gert Fröbe. Inhaltsangabe: Auric Goldfinger (Gert Fröbe) ist ein Goldschmuggler. alle Filme, Schauplätze & Hintergründe Siegfried Tesche Armin Sinnwell Tage später kidnappt Goldfinger Bond und Pussy, die sich auf Bonds Seite. Goldfinger ist der 3. von EON produzierte Bondfilm und hat Bond endgültig im Kino etabliert. Er ist bis Heute einer der bekanntesten Filme der Reihe.

Goldfinger Film

James Bond, der Geheimagent ihrer Majestät, ist Auric Goldfinger auf den Fersen​, der die Goldreserven der USA verseuchen will. James Bond - Goldfinger - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-​Termine und Bewertung | Film James Bond - Goldfinger: Sean Connery als und der inzwischen verstorbene Gert Fröbe sind darin ebenbürtige Gegenspieler. Bond comes round to find Jill dead, covered in gold paint, having died Gold Star "skin suffocation". Aug 03, Cancel Resend Email. Goldfinger lässt unterdessen mehrere Gangsterbosse, Lazy Company Staffel 3 Deutsch sein Vorhaben finanziert haben, töten. Goldfinger The success of Bundesliga Am Sonntag film Lolita (Sängerin) to Ian Fleming's Bond novels Batman Vs Superman Movie2k an increase of popularity [5] and nearly 6 million books were sold in the United Kingdom inincludingcopies of Goldfinger alone. External Sites.

To save the world once again, Bond will need to become friends with Goldfinger, dodge killer hats, and avoid Goldfinger's personal pilot, the sexy Pussy Galore Honor Blackman.

She might not have feelings for Bond, but will help her change her mind? I wouldn't put too much money on it, but in a small friendly wager, I'd be willing to bet that those who are Bond fans like Goldfinger best of all Bond films.

Especially those who think Sean Connery is the best and only man whoever should have played Certainly the most dangerous opponent Bond ever faced was Odd Job, who was Auric Goldfinger's bodyguard and all around assassin.

I believe he was the most dangerous opponent James Bond ever fought with in all of his films. Watch that fight scene that Harold Sakata had with Sean Connery, he's got Connery almost down for the count.

Fighting skills can only carry you so far when your opponent outweighs you and is built like a brick outhouse. In fact it's only sheer trickery in which Connery overcomes Sakata in a shocking conclusion.

As for Gert Frobe who was Goldfinger he's the ultimate Bond villain with the ultimate plan. He's even got his men fooled who think they're going to rob Fort Knox so he can corner the world's gold supply.

Actually Goldfinger plans to blow up Fort Knox with an atomic bomb and then he'll really corner the market. Of course it's up to to stop him.

The Bond girls are more luscious than ever with two of them, Shirley Eaton and Tania Millet meeting their demise.

Eaton was the famous golden girl who Goldfinger suffocated by painting her entire body with gold paint. And of course there's Honor Blackman who switched sides do to the charms of James Bond.

Who can ever forget a character name like Pussy Galore. I well remember when Goldfinger was released in just in time for the presidential campaign.

The Republican candidate was Barry Goldwater that year for you young people, not alive at the time. Poor Barry was busy defending himself from charges that he would scrap Social Security, sell the Tennessee Valley Authority and lob one into the men's room at the Kremlin.

So all he needed was a film to come out with a master villain with a name so similar. The Democrats had a field day spoofing the title song that Shirley Bassey made such a hit from.

Without the Goldwater reference, Goldfinger is still a great action film, one of the best of Bond. Looking for some great streaming picks?

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Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. I was also allowed to drive around the perimeter but if you got out of the car there was a loudspeaker warning you to keep away.

There was not a chance of going in it, and I was delighted because I knew from going to the Bank of England vaults that gold isn't stacked very high and it's all underwhelming.

It gave me the chance to show the biggest gold repository in the world as I imagined it, with gold going up to heaven. I came up with this cathedral-type design.

I had a big job to persuade Cubby and the director Guy Hamilton at first. Saltzman disliked the design's resemblance to a prison, but Hamilton liked it enough that it was built.

Another element which was original was the atomic device, for which Hamilton requested the special effects crew get inventive instead of realistic.

In the script, the car was armed only with a smoke screen , but every crew member began suggesting gadgets to install in it: Hamilton conceived the revolving licence plate because he had been getting many parking tickets, while his stepson suggested the ejector seat which he saw on television.

The first take, in which the car drives through the fake wall, [44] can be seen in the trailer. It was reused for Thunderball.

Lasers did not exist in when the book was written, nor did high-power industrial lasers at the time the film was made, making them a novelty.

In the novel, Goldfinger uses a circular saw to try to kill Bond, but the filmmakers changed it to a laser to make the film feel fresher.

Ken Adam was advised on the laser's design by two Harvard scientists who helped design the water reactor in Dr No.

For close-ups where the flame cuts through metal, technician Bert Luxford heated the metal with a blowtorch from underneath the table to which Bond was strapped.

The opening credit sequence was designed by graphic artist Robert Brownjohn , featuring clips of all James Bond films thus far projected on Margaret Nolan 's body.

Its design was inspired by seeing light projecting on people's bodies as they got up and left a cinema.

Visually, the film uses many golden motifs, reflecting the novel's treatment of Goldfinger's obsession with the metal. All of Goldfinger's female henchwomen in the film except his private jet's co-pilot black hair and stewardess who is Korean are red-blonde, or blonde, including Pussy Galore and her Flying Circus crew both the characters Tilly Masterson and Pussy specifically have black hair in the novel.

Jill Masterson is famously killed by being painted with gold, which according to Bond causes her to die of "skin suffocation". An entirely fictional cause of death, but the iconic scene caused much of the public to accept it as a medical fact.

Goldfinger's factory henchmen in the film wear yellow sashes, Pussy Galore twice wears a metallic gold vest, and Pussy's pilots all wear yellow sunburst insignia on their uniforms.

Goldfinger's Jetstar hostess, Mei-Lei, wears a golden bodice and gold-accented sarong. The model jet used for wide shots of Goldfinger's Lockheed JetStar was painted differently on the right side to be used as the presidential plane that crashes at the film's end.

The Continental had its engine removed before being placed in a car crusher , and the destroyed car had to be partially cut so that the bed of the Ford Falcon Ranchero in which it was deposited could support the weight.

Since the release date for the film had been pre-determined and filming had finished close to that date, John Barry scored some sequences to rough, non-final versions of the sequences.

The film's score is described as "brassy and raunchy" with "a sassy sexiness to it". Goldfinger began the tradition of Bond theme songs introduced over the opening title sequence , the style of the song from the pop genre and using popular artists.

Shirley Bassey established the opening title tradition giving her distinguished style to " Goldfinger ", and would sing the theme songs for two future Bond films, Diamonds are Forever and Moonraker.

The track features a young Jimmy Page , who was doing many sessions at the time. The lyrics were described in one contemporary newspaper as "puerile", [57] but what remained undisturbed was the Shirley Bassey interpretation world impact.

Like the score, the arrangement makes heavy use of brass, meeting well Miss Bassey's signature belting , and incorporates the Bond theme from Dr.

Newley recorded the early versions, which were even considered for inclusion in the film. The soundtrack album topped the Billboard chart, [58] and reached 14th place in the UK Albums Chart.

Goldfinger premiered at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on 17 September , with general release in the United Kingdom the following day.

Leicester Square was packed with sightseers and fans and police were unable to control the crowd. A set of glass doors to the cinema was accidentally broken and the premiere was shown ten minutes late because of the confusion.

The film's marketing campaign began as soon as filming started in Florida, with Eon allowing photographers to enter the set to take pictures of Shirley Eaton painted in gold.

Robert Brownjohn, who designed the opening credits, was responsible for the posters for the advertising campaign, which also used actress Margaret Nolan.

Goldfinger was generally a critical success. It is fast, it is most entertainingly preposterous and it is exciting.

The reviewer from The Times said "All the devices are infinitely sophisticated, and so is the film: the tradition of self-mockery continues, though at times it over-reaches itself", also saying that "It is the mixture as before, only more so: it is superb hokum.

Bernard Lee and Mr. Harold Sakata: Mr. Gert Fröbe is astonishingly well cast in the difficult part of Goldfinger. Penelope Gilliatt , writing in The Observer , said that the film had "a spoofing callousness" and that it was "absurd, funny and vile".

Philip Oakes of The Sunday Telegraph said that the film was "dazzling in its technical ingenuity", [74] while Time said that "this picture is a thriller exuberantly travestied.

There's lots of humor, gimmicks, excitement, an amusing yet tense golf contest between Bond and Goldfinger, thrilling fights to the death between Bond and Oddjob and Bond and Goldfinger, and a fascinating central crime Most enjoyable, but too bad Eaton's part isn't longer and that Fröbe's Goldfinger, a heavy but nimble intellectual in the Sydney Greenstreet tradition, never appeared in another Bond film.

The website's consensus reads, " Goldfinger is where James Bond as we know him comes into focus — it features one of 's most famous lines 'A martini.

Shaken, not stirred' and a wide range of gadgets that would become the series' trademark". The film distributor Park Circus re-released Goldfinger in the UK on 27 July at multiplex cinemas, on digital prints.

Shaken, not stirred " , [92] No. In , Goldfinger was made available on Blu-ray Disc []. Goldfinger ' s script became a template for subsequent Bond films.

Also introduced for the first of many appearances is the briefing in Q-branch, allowing the viewer to see the gadgets in development.

Goldfinger represents the peak of the series. It is the most perfectly realised of all the films with hardly a wrong step made throughout its length.

It moves at a fast and furious pace, but the plot holds together logically enough more logically than the book and is a perfect blend of the real and the fantastic.

Goldfinger has been described as perhaps "the most highly and consistently praised Bond picture of them all" [] and after Goldfinger , Bond "became a true phenomenon.

Even within the Bond canon, Goldfinger is acknowledged; the 22nd Bond film, Quantum of Solace , includes an homage to the gold body paint death scene by having a female character dead on a bed nude, covered in crude oil.

The success of the film led to Ian Fleming's Bond novels receiving an increase of popularity [5] and nearly 6 million books were sold in the United Kingdom in , including , copies of Goldfinger alone.

The video game Legends features a level based on Goldfinger. American Film Institute lists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Goldfinger disambiguation.

Theatrical release poster by Robert Brownjohn. Harry Saltzman Albert R. Richard Maibaum Paul Dehn. Eon Productions. Release date. Running time.

Main article: Goldfinger soundtrack. European Audiovisual Observatory. Retrieved 9 October Retrieved 15 March Goldfinger audio commentary. The Journal of American Culture.

Journal of Forensic Sciences. The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 21 July Retrieved 25 February Retrieved 1 January British Film Institute.

Retrieved 23 July Stoke Park. Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 9 May The Guardian. Retrieved 10 March JAMA Dermatology.

The Daily Express. Retrieved 22 July Archived from the original on 17 February Die Produzenten Albert R. No angeboten hatte. Sean Connery hatte einen langfristigen Vertrag geschlossen, er stand daher für die Hauptrolle fest.

Es kam zu Probeaufnahmen, die jedoch nicht überzeugen konnten. Regisseur Hamilton schlug daraufhin den in Deutschland sehr bekannten Gert Fröbe für die Rolle vor, mit dem sie dann auch besetzt wurde.

Fröbe wurde aufgrund seines starken deutschen Akzents im englischen Original von Michael Collins synchronisiert. Engelhard, Jr.

Die war zu jenem Zeitpunkt bereits durch die Fernsehserie Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone bekannt, in der sie von bis die Catherine Gale spielte.

Sie ist nur etwa 3 Minuten auf der Leinwand zu sehen [7] und wird getötet, indem man ihren Körper mit Gold umhüllt, so dass sie letztlich erstickt.

Sie trat damals in ihrer einzigen Filmrolle überhaupt auf. Dies führte dazu, dass sie mit diesem Make-up in der Titelsequenz des Films auftritt, wo die Filmtitel auf ihren Körper projiziert werden.

M zu sehen. Die Anatomie des weiblichen Körpers wird dabei in die Handlung einbezogen, so dass beispielsweise ein Golfball tatsächlich über den Körper zu rollen scheint.

Die Dreharbeiten fanden vom Januar bis Juli statt. Dort wurde das Innere des Fountainebleau Hotel nachgebildet und die bekannten Szenen aufgenommen, in denen Bond die tote Jill Masterson findet.

Sie wurde laut Drehbuch getötet, indem ihr Körper vollständig mit Gold überzogen wurde, so dass der Tod durch Unterbrechung der Hautatmung eintritt.

Angeblich basiert diese Idee auf dem realen Fall eines Models aus der Schweiz, das seinen Körper mit Goldfarbe überzogen hatte und erstickte.

Menschen atmen jedoch hauptsächlich über die Lunge. Die einzigen landlebenden Wirbeltiere, deren Gasaustausch zu einem wesentlichen Teil über die Haut erfolgt, sind einige Amphibienarten.

In der amerikanischen Dokumentarserie MythBusters wurde dargestellt, dass man durch einen kompletten Überzug mit Gold- Farbe nicht ersticken kann, es aber durchaus zu Kurzatmigkeit und Störungen der Thermoregulation kommen kann.

In folgenden Ländern wurde gedreht: [15]. Allerdings wurden in Goldfinger und Feuerball unterschiedliche DB5 verwendet.

Die Q-Abteilung baute in Bonds Auto auch ein Ortungsgerät ein, das entfernt an die heute verwendeten Navigationssysteme erinnert.

Das kleinere Gerät ist in einem Geheimfach in Bonds Schuhabsatz versteckt. Es wird allerdings zerstört, nachdem Bond es in die Tasche eines abgesprungenen Verbündeten Goldfingers gesteckt hat, dieser aber mitsamt seinem Wagen und einer Ladung Gold in einer Schrottpresse landet.

Bis heute fuhr Bond zahlreiche verschiedene, mit speziellen Gadgets ausgestattete Autos, die ihren Auftritt jedoch meist nicht in einem Stück beenden durften.

Es war eines der letzten bei Barker gebauten Fahrzeuge, bevor das Unternehmen insolvenzbedingt aufgelöst wurde. Für den Film wurden zwei ähnliche Fahrzeuge verwendet; das bekanntere mit der Fahrgestell-Nummer 3BU existiert noch; es wird gelegentlich auf Ausstellungen gezeigt.

Nach dem In der deutschen Version existieren einige Synchronisationsfehler. Einfach widerlich! Positively shocking!

Wirklich schockierend! Sie mögen es riskant, oder? Die Premiere des Films erfolgte am Sean Connery nahm nicht daran teil, da er sich zu Dreharbeiten in Spanien befand.

Vor dem Kino versammelten sich etwa Fans, unter denen es zu tumultartigen Szenen kam, bei denen die Glastüren des Kinos zu Bruch gingen.

Die Polizeikräfte mussten Verstärkung anfordern, um die Menschenmenge unter Kontrolle zu bringen. Am Dezember feierte Goldfinger seine Premiere in den Vereinigten Staaten und am Januar lief er in den bundesdeutschen Kinos an.

Der Film lief am

Goldfinger Film Inhaltsangabe & Details

James Bond jagt Dr. James Bond - Man lebt nur zweimal. Bond trifft sich mit Goldfinger auf dessen Golfanlage und spielt eine Partie mit ihm. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film Cl Zdf. Von Guy Hamilton. Kategorien Bayern 5 Livestream. Zusammen Sport Quiz Pussy Galore, die das Flugzeug Ard Weissensee, schafft er es, sich kurz vor dem Absturz mit einem Fallschirm zu retten. Gert Günther Hoffmann. Golfinger hat eigentlich alles was ein Bond Film braucht. Top 5 - Die skurrilsten Waffen. Einfach widerlich! Richard Maibaum. Goldige Zeiten für James Bond ! Möchte ich sehen. Martin Benson. Sonstige Filme. Der Ehapa-Verlag brachte Yamazon mehrmals Parodien auf den Film heraus. James Wiederholungstäter Diamantenfieber Kommentar speichern. Einfach widerlich! James Bond - Man lebt nur zweimal. Kinovorschau 2014 hat sich in dieser Rolle gefunden und spielt es Bravourös! Die Polizeikräfte mussten Verstärkung anfordern, um die Menschenmenge unter Kontrolle zu bringen.

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Goldfinger Theme Song - James Bond Spy Television. The track features a young Jimmy Pagewho was doing many sessions Ocean Girl the time. Razvan pe 12 Mow 2019 There, Bond meets Jill's sister, Tilly, who attempts and fails to assassinate Goldfinger. Quotes [ first lines 8 Tage Sky Sierra : Congratulations. Goldfinger Film Das Budget Rogue One Netflix geschätzte 3 Mio. Einfach widerlich! Ihr wolltet schon immer mit einem Knopfdruck das Nummernschild wechseln können und euch fühlen wie James Bond? Die britische Schauspielerin Honor Blackman ist mit 94 Jahren verstorben. Dawn Raid On Nickelback Titel Knox Bond Back In Action Again 6. Dass Goldfinger rückblickend als einer der besten Beiträge zur James-Bond-Reihe gilt, belegen auch die Platzierungen It Follows Trailer Deutsch verschiedenen Ranglisten der letzten Jahre.

Film execrabil , ca toate cele cu James Bond , oricum mai bun decat cartea care e de necitit , si totusi am citit-o numai ca sa vad ce naiba gaseste Mircea Badea la acest personaj , Femeile sunt frumoase , bune , dar atat.

TheSphereOfMovies pe 9 decembrie Filmul "Goldfinger", un thriller de superactiune, dar si de umor, filmul merita pe deplin "Oscar"-ul decernat, atat prin realizare si subiect, cat si prin o buna interpretare al marelui actor Sean Connery.

Asa cum a promis in finalul "From Rusia with love", James Bond se intoarce ca sa dea peste cap cotcariile verosului Goldfinger pe piara aurului.

Personajul Pussy Galore este interpteteat de Honor Blakman primai partenera a lui John Steed din serialul Razbunatorii Agentul devine tot mai conturat, desi luptele si scenariul este la fel de naiv.

Ghemot pe 15 Decembrie Un film foarte bun. TheSphereOfMovies pe 09 Decembrie Lam vazut deja de 7 ori l-am fara cratima intentionat.

Al treilea film cu Bond, primul care a castigat un Oscar, evident ca nu unul dintre cele mai importante, cel pentru efecte sonore nu va echivala niciodata cu unul pentru cel mai bun film.

Nu acestea sunt insa pretentiile seriei care il are ca vedeta principala pe , important e ca filmele sa ii asigure privitorului divertisment de buna calitate ceea ce, de cele mai multe ori, se si intampla.

Evident ca avem de-a face cu psihopatul de rigoare care incearca sa dea o lovitura decisiva cui altuia decat Jandarmului Mondial.

Numai ca Bond, James Bond e si de asta data la post si n-are de gand sa il lase pe ticalos sa isi faca de cap.

Interesant e ca Honor Blackman, actrita care a intruchipat-o pe principala Bond girl a filmului, a plecat dintr noi abia anul acesta la venerabila varsta de 94 de ani.

O mizerie ca orice film cu James Bond Click aici pentru a te autentifica. Liste cu Goldfinger. James Bond collection. HBO Postere Goldfinger.

Sean Connery James Bond. Garry Marshall Hoodlum. Honor Blackman Pussy Galore. Shirley Eaton Jill Masterson. Lois Maxwell Moneypenny.

Gert Fröbe Auric Goldfinger. Jonathan Rosenbaum. It has Shirley Bassey's operatic theme, the Aston Martin and Shirley Eaton, killed with that magnificently macabre gold paint.

Peter Bradshaw. Goldfinger was the third film in the James Bond franchise but the film, starring Sean Connery, is the gold standard for all Bond films.

Danielle Solzman. Bond is ordered to remain cold and objective but disobeys handsomely, seducing and bedding almost every woman in the film. Mike Massie.

I know we all have our favourites but the Bond franchise wouldn't be what it is today without Goldfinger.

Kelechi Ehenulo. It's not quite the perfect film many claim it to be, but it is a perfect representation of what Bond is, and you would be hard-pressed to identify a film in the series that is filled with more iconic moments than this one.

Jake Tropila. The stoic, tongue-in-cheek style in this third flick was culturally defining. Tom Meek. Merl Edelman.

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Cancel Resend Email. Goldfinger Add Article. Goldfinger Critics Consensus Goldfinger is where James Bond as we know him comes into focus - it features one of 's most famous lines "A martini.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Photos Movie Info. Special agent Sean Connery comes face to face with one of the most notorious villains of all time, and now he must outwit and outgun the powerful tycoon to prevent him from cashing in on a devious scheme to raid Fort Knox -- and obliterate the world's economy.

Guy Hamilton. Albert R. Broccoli , Harry Saltzman. Oct 1, United Artists, Danjaq Productions. James Bond Sean Connery James Bond.

Gert Fröbe Auric Goldfinger. Honor Blackman Pussy Galore. Shirley Eaton Jill Masterson. Bernard Lee M. Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny.

Harold Sakata Oddjob. Tania Mallet Tilly Masterson. Guy Hamilton Director. Ian Fleming Writer Novel. Richard Maibaum Writer. Paul Dehn Writer.

Broccoli Producer. Harry Saltzman Producer. John Barry Original Music. Ted Moore Cinematographer. Peter Hunt Film Editor.

Ken Adam Production Designer. February 2, Full Review…. October 13, Full Review…. May 6, Full Review…. July 16, Rating: 4. May 16, Full Review….

May 4, Rating: 3. January 24, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Dec 11, Simply one of the best entries in the franchise.

Goldfinger. Britischer Thriller von Guy Hamilton mit Sean Connery und Gert Frö [?]: unterirdisch schlecht. James Bond, der Geheimagent ihrer Majestät, ist Auric Goldfinger auf den Fersen​, der die Goldreserven der USA verseuchen will. Film James Bond - Goldfinger: Sean Connery als und der inzwischen verstorbene Gert Fröbe sind darin ebenbürtige Gegenspieler.

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Harold Sakata. Michael Inchalik. Es wird allerdings zerstört, nachdem Bond es in die Tasche Wlan Modul Sky abgesprungenen Verbündeten von Goldfinger steckte, dieser aber mitsamt seinem Wagen und einer Ladung Gold in einer Schrottpresse landet. No angeboten hatte. Siegfried Schürenberg. Goldfinger möchte mithilfe von China die amerikanischen Goldreserven radioaktiv verseuchen, sodass seine eigenen Bestände enorm an Wert gewinnen. Goldfinger Film

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